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Cornelius is the World's first (& only) UK bred & based Bracco Italiano to qualify for the International Show Champion title (bestowed by the World Canine Organisation). He is our beloved orange roan male, our first Bracco. If we look from the 5th generation, he is mainly out of a base combination of certain superb Italian lines - Dei Ronchi/di Cascina Merigo & Dei Sanchi/Di Cascina Merigo variegated through Danish, Dutch and Finnish kennels: a truly international mix of only the very best Italian lines.

Cornelius has a solid & well developed working instinct which he employs tirelessly in suitable surroundings. He has  impressed breed specialists time & again across 7 european countries, including in the breed's homeland Italy, with the sort of build & focus a good fit-for-function working Bracco needs, including important elements such as high stamina levels, a very well developed musculature covering, well-balanced overall proportions & purposeful driving movement.


A powerhouse of a dog, he displays many excellent features crucial to the bracco's heritage & is an excellent representative for what should be a fit, strong, healthy & switched on breed. As the years go by & now aged 8, his strong, passionate character & powerful yet flexible build have not diminished & he continues to attract great praise on the european stage (& at home of course!).

WORLD BREED HISTORY (a few examples only!):

1st & ONLY UK Bracco to win an ITALIAN CHAMPION ticket

1st & ONLY UK bred & based Bracco to take INTERNATIONAL SHOW CHAMPION status

1st UK Bracco to take a World Canine Organisation European Winner title

1st & ONLY UK Bracco to be graded EXCELLENT by the Italian breed club SABI