Braccari Lily Evangeline

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LILY is our very special blue & white Harlequin Great Dane. She was still very young in the above photograph. She comes from exellent pedigree UK stock, displaying super conformation & the correct head, chest & clear white bib. She is unusually feminine for what is ultimately a mastiff breed. 

One of eleven pups, although she was of middling size compared to her siblings there was no mistaking her firmly held alpha status over the entire litter- a status she (passively) now maintains over our Bracchi, keeping them in line from a distance, despite Giada's best efforts - who is secretly her very best friend.

A water-babe who likes nothing more than venturing straight into deep water for a swim, & sprinting across the fields, she is a kindly, elegant, gentle girl who passively fully expects all other dogs to submit to her simply because of her size (she's not daft clearly). However she does not  grumble if her wishes are not met after a long look. . . she seems to think they must be rather slow on the uptake & will get the message soon enough. 


She is a darling heart, a dream come true, proud & loyal & the best kind of steady companion in life.  We will always be extremely grateful to our special friend Dawn & her family for allowing us to have such a beautiful ambassador of the breed.