Sire Choice: The Del Mucrone Kennel

For close to an astonishing 300 years, the Guerrini family in Italy has been selectively breeding the Bracco and the Spinone with the preservation of working ability and true type foremost on the agenda. Some of the dogs they have produced were actually used by the Italian Kennel Club to define the Italian breed Standard. During the World Wars, the late great Nadir Guerrini, pictured below, actively helped save the breeds from the threat of deliberate widespread crossbreeding and even extinction, by collecting the foremost examples of the breed from all over Italy, and sequestering them in safety. The Guerrini family Kennel is Del Mucrone, named after the nearby mountain and lake. 

Reproduced by kind permission of his family: Nadir & (l-r): Balda del Mucrone, IT CH Bianco del Mucrone, Marea del Mucrone, Palladio del Mucrone

It has been acknowledged by enthusiasts of these breeds, most notably of the Spinone- from the USA to Europe- that Nadir's passing in 2008 was a great blow, for it was a loss of one of the foremost sources of breed knowledge & expertise. His passion & expertise had a profound effect on allowing future generations to be able to experience the breeds as they should be seen and experienced, in both ability and build-type, which he so determinedly preserved through the select breeding of the most type-representative examples displaying excellent working ability.

Above: Nadir & Axa del Mucrone with a camera-shy IT CH Bianco del Mucrone

Happily, however, Nadir's knowledgeable daughter Nadia and equally breed conversant son-in-law Salvatore continue the Guerrini legacy to this day, for which we and other enthusiasts of these breeds are very grateful.

l-r: True expertise, true centuries-old type: Palladio del Mucrone, IT CH Bianco del Mucrone, Marea del Mucrone, Balda del Mucrone

IT CH Bianco del Mucrone

Our choice of stud for Giada, Bianco has a very distinguished heritage all of his own.

The Sire's side: In recognition of the Guerrini passion for the Bracco, one of the other great Italian proponents of the breed, Signor Paolo Ciceri of the dei Ronchi kennel (called "the father of the Bracco"- SABI President, 1992, following Ciceri's death), gifted Nadir with what the Italian Bracco breed association S.A.B.I lauded as "the last great creation of Paolo Ciceri...Balda dei Ronchi," pictured here:

Balda was soon an International & Italian Champion (before 2009 in Italy this meant a working as well as a conformation Champion Bracco), being a superb example of the breed as can be partly seen above. She had all the characteristics that could only be beneficial in the future to Nadir's own Bracco breeding passion and selections. Herself a product of a long line of Ciceri's own highly successful select breeding, recently out of Sorriso, Dora, Badia, Amor and Buccia and others (all dei Ronchi dogs), she was put to one of the top working males of that generation It Ch Sirlad di Cascina Merigo (from a long line of di Cascina Merigo dogs,the third highly distinguished Italian kennel in this bloodline mix). The result was Bianco's sire, the superb Palladio del Mucrone, pictured below with Nadir's grandson Matteo Guerrini-La Spada Esq.:

Above: Palladio del Mucrone, son of the great IT CH Balda dei Ronchi

The Dam's side: Nadir had already carefully incorporated Ciceri's dei Ronchi breeding, as well as that of di Cascina Merigo on Bianco's dam's side, into his own, & with his careful stud choice of the widely-admired outstanding worker, the rarely bred IT CH Tiepolo di Cascina Merigo, he provided for a noticeably powerful genetic working-ability boost to the existing high strengths of the triple-kennel bloodlines. The breeding programme then progressed evenly between Paolo and Nadir's best dogs to produce Bianco's dam Marea del Mucrone, pictured higher up on this page.

Above: 'Teo & Palladio del Mucrone again

The programme was then able to be fused and reinforced with the coming together of the two sides, with Palladio and Marea, Bianco and his litter mates being the result. 


Above: Bianco working recently

There is no doubting the grace of character, the solid physical quality nor the highly attuned working abilities of this beautiful champion working dog- Bianco is quite simply the highest quality result of a painstaking selective breeding programme spanning several generations utilising some of the most widely-recognised top Bracchi Italy has seen. As a mate for Giada & her character, physique & working Italian champion bloodlines, he is exceptionally well-matched. When privileged to know him in the flesh over a period of time, and see him working & how he interacts with the world around him including with people, it becomes clear how the heritage of expert breeding choices using his forebears has so successfully impacted on him- and on how this breed should continue to look and behave. We mention this because the success achieved by Nadir & by people like Paolo Ciceri cannot go unacknowledged here, their phenomenal abilities in creating such living breathing personifications of the Italian breed Standard time & time & time again were great feats of breeding, rarely achieved across the Bracco world today. 

Above: Bianco working recently

Above: Who's that girl? Bianco on reacquaintance with Giada, mating September 2009

Giada & Bianco, honeymoon, September 2009, above & below